Friday, April 11, 2008

Exercise Kills

Okay, so after walkinga round all day in my new, awesome, pseudo-snake skin shoes, I probably should have given my feet a break. Instead I went for a two-mile walk in sneakers that I really should have replaced weeks ago.

At the end of my oh-so-painful jaunt what do you think I've got? Blisters. Two big ones, one on each foot just under my toes.

And I haven't mentioned this because I was afraid the fates would do something to ruin it, but today is the day that I go into the city to SEE PHILIP ROTH.

Columbia University is having a 75 Anniversary thing and HE'S GOING TO BE THERE.

Can you tell I'm excited? Because I'm trying to be cool, but it's PHILIP ROTH.

Anyway, if I hadn't gone for that walk I'd be fine, but now I'm freaking out about what shoes to wear into the city. I can't wear the sneaks because they were the cause of this problem in the first place.

So it's a toss-up between my black patent loafers and my Anne Klein kitten heals. The loafers would be more practical but now it's supposed to rain and if I'm gonna ruin a pair of shoes by walking through the city in the rain it's not gonna be the one's I paid sixty bucks for. So I guess that leaves the Anne Klein's, which are cute but not super comfy.

What a twisted, tangled set of problems I've got, huh?


Joan said...

You poor pain-filled soul. Ouch on the blisters! Yea for P. Roth!

Joy said...

Cannot wait to hear how your feet fared -- and how Roth was too!