Sunday, April 13, 2008

More Proof That I'm Old (As If I Needed It)

Little Stephanie Tanner from Full House just had a baby.

Yep, that's right, folks. The girl who was the most annoying of the three girls (but not the most annoying in the entire house...Dave Coulier, I'm looking at you) is now a mother.

I still remember the episode when she wanted to be called Dawn. Time flies when your ridiculing a show that is so deserving of ridicule, I guess.

Wow. I just did a search for "Stephanie Tanner" and discovered that I'd COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN that she totally used to be a meth-head. I guess time really flew for her, too.

Annoying know-it-all who's catchphrase was, "How rude!"

Party animal and rumored drug addict.

Just weeks before delivering a baby girl who was named, clicheingly, Zoie.

Don't even D-List wannabees have any imagination or originality?


Joan said...

She isn't exactly little miss petite any more is she?? Even before the preggie look. Child stars are really doomed aren't they??

Da Old Man said...

Smoking while pregnant, and a former drug addict.
She'll make an awesome mom.

Kate said...

This just in: Asslee Simpson is joining the fray. She announced today that she, too, is prego.

All I can do is shake my head sadly and mutter, "These poor, poor children."