Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some 'Splainin'

Someone gave me the play "The Homecoming" by Harold Pinter recently and because they were insistent, I read it and finished it last night and I have to say...could someone please explain it to me?

Why are these people so dysfunctional? Why does Ruth stay? Why doesn't Teddy make her come home with him? Why are Max and Lenny and Joey SO crazy? Why is it that the only good, pure character in the play dies?

Somebody get me the Cliffs notes version because I haven't felt this stupid since I don't know when.

The author won a Nobel Prize for the effort, but even the reviewers on Amazon can't sufficiently explain why this was so good. So, help. Pretty, pretty please. If you've read it and understand it, please help.

My head hurts from thinking about it so I'm going to stop now.


Joan said...

Gosh after your great review, maybe I'll run right out to buy it! NOT!!It sounds rather like a soap opera and those are pretty deep too!

Da Old Man said...

I'm dizzy just from the review. I highly recommend reading any month from a far side calendar.

Joan said...

OOOHH I love the Far Side AND I understand it!!