Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm All A-Twitter

For those of you very observant readers out there, you'll have no doubt noticed that there's been a little addition to this site. It's over there on the right. See it? I just signed up for Twitter.

What's Twitter? you ask.

Well, it's kind of a new (to me) social networking website that allows one to update friends and family immediately, from virtually anywhere, to answer the question: "What are you doing right now?".

Sounds a bit self-referential and pointless? Perhaps. But it's also pretty cool.

For instance, I was just eating crackers and hummus, so I posted that, and now my mom in Minnesota knows that I fixed myself a nice, healthy snack instead of pigging out on all the leftover junk food we now have in the office because of the golf outing.

In theory I am able to update Twitter, and therefore this site, from my phone, but I haven't quite figured that out yet. I mean, let's not go crazy.

People can only be SO technologically advanced, right?

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