Friday, May 30, 2008

Why I Love Golf

Some friends and family seem utterly perplexed by this new love of mine, so I thought I'd try to explain.

Not being at all athletically inclined in high school (other than the ability to kick ass at floor hockey), I fell into the more sedentary after school activities: theater and a part-time job.

I am not gifted in the aerobics arena, either; when I try to do a class, I trip on my feet and fall on my face. Privately, this isn't a problem but in a gym full of onlookers...well, you can imagine how fun that was.

I took up golf thinking that it would be good for networking. I didn't expect to enjoy it or even like it. It was chore, another work-related thing that I was just going to have to suck up and do.

And then I tried it, and practiced and started to feel like I was good at it and yesterday, when I tee'd up and sent my little orange ball flying, straight and hard, down the middle of the fairway amid cheers from the people I was playing with, the feeling of elation was palpable. I understood, finally, what it meant to be good at a sport and let me tell you, that can be addictive.

Now, obviously there are moments when I still whiff a shot or land in the sand (we call it "going to the beach") like in the above picture, but even that's just an excuse to hone the skill and practice harder so that next time you land gently on the green, right next to the pin for a beautiful little birdie.

There is almost nothing else better on earth than a beautiful day and a good round of golf.


Joy said...

Well I am beginning to understand...

mp said...

I totally get "going to the beach"

Joan said...

if you have to be addicted to something at least this is safe. Being addicted to kaoreoke(sp?) is even better, I think.

Kate said...

I couldn't even possibly explain my addiction to karaoke, but I think it also has something to do with the applause!