Monday, June 02, 2008

Battlestar Galactica

For those two other people out there who both watch the second best show on television and read this blog, here is my response to Friday's episode:

Romo: Super crazy does not equal super interesting. I hate this character like no other.

Tigh: I thought cylons couldn’t reproduce. Isn’t that what makes Hera (and Nicky) so special? I’m very confused. Unless Tigh isn't the father and it's really Baltar (dun, dun DUN!) Also, Tigh as Admiral? As Tigh himself said, things didn’t go so well the last time Bill gave him the reins. This cannot end well.

Lee: President? Really? I just… Really?

Adama: So, he’s just going to sit there, drifting along in space, reading a book, waiting for Laura to show up again? That’s freaking love, yo.

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