Sunday, June 01, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Today is a very busy day.

I've got my Senior Youth group at eleven, then I need to hit the fabric store to show off the finished necktie quilt (I'm not bragging, they asked me to) and pick up some more black thread, then I need to attach hangers to the back of the quilt so that if they'd rather hang it on a wall they can (I almost forgot about this entirely in the adrenaline that accompanied finishing it), then I need to stop at CVS to pick up the stuff I forgot yesterday (zyrtec!), and then I've got a confirmation at 2:30 and finally an ordination for our intern minister, Wendy, at 4:00.

My quilting ladies and I made a beautiful stole (neck-thing that priests and ministers wear) for her and we're presenting it to her at the ordination. Then there's a party afterward.

Tonight, the Beast and I will settle down to watch Friday's Battlestar Galactica and before I know it it'll be Monday again. This is a special week, though. On Thursday it will be our fourth anniversary so we're both taking Friday off to do something together.

Since I won't be checking in at all for the rest of the day, I'll leave you with this to ponder:

Yes, that's a shark jaw on the snout of a deer.


mp said...

Is this in your home? I'm baffled.

Joan said...

Is this your new wall hanging?? It's really pretty. Or wall hanging in waiting? I love the decorative muzzle.

Kate said...

No, this is not in my home. The deer is my brother's (he shot it and mounted it), and the jaw is my dad's (be brought it back from Hawaii a long time ago) and they've both sort of just been hanging out in a closet for a years in this position and when I was home I found it to be such an interesting and weird juxtaposition that I had to take a picture. Except there really hasn't been a good opportunity to use it until now.

Joy said...

You must be proud, Kate, to be related to such excellent hunters.

Kate said...

Well, I totally am, except I think my dad bought the jaw at a gift shop in Hawaii. He wasn't out on a flat-bottom boat with a harpoon. That I know of.