Monday, June 09, 2008

Hot. And Not The Good Kind.

Pulled directly off my iGoogle page you can see for yourself that it is a whopping 101 degrees in Bloomfield tonight. Thank God the humidity is only 24% because that's really all that's saving me right now.

It could be worse, though. Much of New Jersey is suffering from power outages that won't be fixed until (best-case) nine pm.

Summer has arrived. Was it really just two weeks ago that I was griping about wearing a scarf to work?


Joy said...

2 weeks? Really? Seems impossible. How did we live in GA for so long?

Kate said...

I have no idea.

Joan said...

101 is too extreme for me. We used to get that in
Texas each summer, but it also was quite dry so was tolerable if not out too long.
Our measley 93 is toohot for me up here in North country!

Da Old Man said...

Today should be worse.