Friday, June 13, 2008

Payback's a You-Know-What

Word on the street is that the Clintons are keeping a list of all the people who betrayed them during this whole circus-y mess. Apparently they get about twelve calls a day from people who are asking for favors and now, each caller's name is going to be compared to the list to see if they're on it.

This is just mindless gossip that I heard over lunch with some of my big, muckity-muck members but it sure doesn't sound very far-fetched, does it? Also, they seem much less jolly in the above picture and much more diabolical now.

At least she losing gracefully, right?


Da Old Man said...

Hillary got a raw deal, and if it's true that they made a list and are checking it twice, they are behaving quite humanly. I sure as heck wouldn't do a favor for someone who went against me in something this important.

Kate said...

I agree with you 100% but I'm still glad she didn't win because if she had we'd be stuck with another four years of this Republican bullshit.

savvy said...

I still have a certain admiration for Hillary's dogged determination. As I have said many times, if Al Gore had a bit of that in 2000, perhaps we wouldn't be in the mess we are in right now. I have no problems with keeping a list and checking it twice, as da old man says. It seems to me that the Clintons understand that to beat Republicans you must sink to their level in order to fight on equal ground. I think this may be why the Republicans hate them so much. Bill held a mirror up to the Karl Roves of the world and beat them at their own game, and all the pubs had left was the sexual shenanigans. Disgraceful