Friday, June 27, 2008

Signing (typo but I'm leaving it) In The Rain

Becky has inspired me to reminisce about the great musicals I grew up loving. One of the most watched was Singing in the Rain and since it was on TMC tonight I thought I'd share the love.

The picture in my Cyd Charisse tribute below is from Singing In The Rain but really that's one of my least favorite sequences. As a kid I pretty much hated all of the love songs, too. Donald O'Connor was the best with his "Make 'Em Laugh" song and the diction song was fabulous, too, as was "Good Morning".

Whenever Gene Kelly decided to get "arty", though, hello fast-forward button. The ballet and the stupid mob alternate universe were pretty bad, but the good completely makes up for it. I so wanted to become a tap dancer because of this movie and have tree-trunk legs like Cyd and Debbie Reynolds.


Becky said...

The typo in your title totally made me laugh. It's "Singing in the Rain" for the deaf! Man, that's an awesome visual.

Da Old Man said...

I've seen (I guess it was Gene Kelly) dancing in the rain. That was part of a movie?

Joan said...

I remember seeing a stage production of this and it was really cool when it rained!

Becky said...

Joan...I was going to say that too! I saw it last summer at MacHayden theater (in the round) and they actually made it rain right on the stage. So cool.
But nothing beats Gene Kelly's voice.