Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Very Special, Yet Hideous, Suit

A story from one of my favorite sites out there, List of the Day:

In college, I worked in the theatre costume dept. as an elective. One day I ran across a rack of leisure suits, and the old guy that ran the shop told me a hysterical story.

Apparently, he was a consultant to the Smithsonian on the preservation and restoration of historically significant clothing. He described the elaborate climate-controlled vaults in the bowels of the museum, with rack upon rack of cabinets, each with 6-inch high human-sized drawers. They carefully lay out the clothing on acid-free paper-lined cedar, to be preserved for the ages...

...except the leisure suits.

Yes, the Smithsonian has a collection of leisure suits, as the costume trustees felt they were a significant fashion moment. But unlike all the other pieces in their collection, they have determined the 100% polyester suits are fine on wide hangars on a rack made of plumbing pipe. They estimated no measurable deterioration would occur for up to 500 years.


Da Old Man said...

Great. I dated a woman back in the 70's and at a semi-formal occasion, her Dad wore a lime green leisure suit. I thought I had successfully scrubbed that image out of my mind. Apparently not.

Joan said...

I always hated leisure suits and my feelings haven't changed. I am really impressed at the indestructibility of them and somewhat dismayed knowing they will be around for my great-great-etc. grandchildren to see!

Rhea said...

Oh my goodness. That's hilarious about the polyester. lol