Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ben Stiller's Daughter Hates His Movies

According to showbizspy via Celebrity Baby Scoop, which, yes, I admit I'll sometimes glance through (and by "glance through" I mean "pore over"), Ben Stiller just can't get his daughter Ella to watch his movies:

"When he asked her if she wanted to watch one of his movies, Night At The Museum, and she told him she said she’d rather play with her Barbies."

He tries to rationalize:
“Ella’s not that interested in movies. She’d far rather be playing with her dolls and Barbies. But that’s good. I think that’s healthy.”
OR, maybe she'd just rather watch a GOOD movie. I mean...we all saw the previews for Night At The Museum, right? So...


Becky said...

I'd rather play with Barbies too, Ella. Your dad's movies suck.

Joy said...

For the record... I liked Night at the Museum.

Also? Ella has Kat's raincoat on.

Da Old Man said...

Night at the Museum was decent.

Kate said...

omg, Joy, you're right about the raincoat! How did I miss it?

And, for the record, Night at the Museum was mediocre at best. Deal with it.