Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Putin: "Whoops! I accidentally started a war"

Has anyone else been reading the fake blogs over at News Groper? Putin's this week is a hoot:

"Here's how it happened: Medvedev and I were having some fun in the military room -- throwing each other into things -- when I accidentally smashed his face into the missile control panel. I continued smashing Dmitry's face about six times before I realized his nose kept hitting the war plane activation button. Long story short, we just bombed Georgia."

To read the rest click here.

Best of all, is George W. Bush's fake quote, "Poor Atlanta, looks like it's gonna get burned down again."

I guess what I'm trying to say is that even though our world is a teeming hole of discontent and murder, at least we can still share a laugh at the perpetrators of all that discontent and murder.

Who's with me on this?


Joanna said...

Count me in!

Joan said...

AMEN! Did you hear that the city of San Francisco is planning to name something after George W - their new sewage plant!