Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I know only hardcore Battlestar fans will get this, but the Woodman brought my attention to it and it made me giggle so I had to share. Props to the Woodman.

For those of you who aren't sure who the people on the right are, that's Colonel Saul Tigh, grouchy alcoholic and nascent Cylon with an identity crisis, and below him is Laura Roslin, President of what's left of the Twelve Colonies, cancer survivor (we hope) and adamant believer in the religious signs found throughout the galaxy pointing the way to Earth.

I'm having trouble deciding if this is a good thing or not. Could Palin be a Cylon, too? It would certainly explain a few things.

Thanks to Burnlab for posting it first.

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Joan said...

Perfect comparisons! I have the first season of Battlestar and hope to watch it this winter on snowy days.
Anyone who spends her life in Alaska must be a Cylon, don't you think?