Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Word on the street is that Jamie Lynn Spears is knocked up AGAIN. Jamie Lynn just gave birth to Maddie Briann four months ago. The source claims that Jamie Lynn was "shocked" to discover that she's eight weeks pregnant because she didn't think she could even GET pregnant while breast-feeding.

Abstinence-only sex ed, anyone?

I mean, really. She's seventeen! After the first baby you'd think her parents or sister (yeah, right) or relative or friend or someone would sit her down and explain how it all works.

Hell, I went to a Catholic high school but we learned in biology how reproduction works.

This girl needs a responsible adult in her life, stat.


mp said...

Somebody tie the girls tubes. What a mess!

Joan said...

If she were only part of another family in another life style, she would simply be another reason we have welfare for the ignorant.

Kristen said...

The entire Spears clan needs a Tubal Ligation STAT. Ugh. I really hope the rumors are not true.

Becky said...

My God. She doesn't need to not have sex. She DOES need to go on the pill. Man, one unexpected pregnancy would be enough to make most people take future precautions. Ridiculous. This is mind blowing.