Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Four Days Away

The Beast and I took our first vacation in four years this past weekend and it was great. Aside from being in upstate New York during peak leaf peeping season, the weather was great, the wineries were fun and we had a fantastic time.

Some highlights:

I discovered that you can buy beer at drug stores in upstate! These in particular caught my fancy. What better time to crack a cold one than when you have a gun in your other hand?

This was our view as we followed the wine trail up Lake Seneca. The day was amazingly beautiful, as you can see.

And in the Corning Glass Museum (which we highly recommend) there are incredible sculptures of everything you can imagine all made out of glass. This one in particular was made by an artist who lived through one of Argentina's worst dictatorships, when tens of thousands of people just "disappeared" never to be heard from again. The little shapes on the green are tiny houses and the things hanging from above are milky glass knives.

It was literally raining death. Powerful stuff.

In downtown Corning (where we stayed) there are all sorts of cute, quirky little shops and scenes. This is a face carved on the side of a building.

All in all, it was a great trip. If you're in the market for a very cute, walkable vacation I highly recommend Corning, NY. We're thinking of making it an annual trip.


Joan said...

It's amazing that I have lived in NY at least half of my life and I have never been to Corning. Your blog makes me want to go there.

Joy said...

I'm supposed to be in Corning Sunday/ Monday at the museum of glass!

savvy said...

It was a great time!