Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lingerie Barbie?

Remember back in the day when Barbie Dolls were innocent and fun entertainment for girls ages 3 to roughly 11 (I'm actually trying to remember when exactly I stopped playing with mine...)?

Well, luckily for the girls of America, Mattel has released Barbie Silkstone Lingerie Fashion Model. So that they can role play the true American dream: becoming underwear models.

Whatever happened to Dr. Barbie or Architect Barbie? I'm just so disappointed.


Joy said...


What a nightmare.

mp said...

I don't love this.

Joan said...

Sad - really sad.

Kristen said...

Ugh, I hope this was meant as a collector doll for the nutty 45 year old women who must own all the barbies. I am not down with marketing a sexualized barbie to kids.

And does the time we gave Barbie a haircut based on the movie Billie Jean count as "playing" with Barbies? She was pretty butch when we finished with her.

Kate said...

Kristen, I was TOTALLY thinking about that when I posted this. Billie Jean Barbie was a sight to behold. "Fayer's Fayer!"