Sunday, December 07, 2008


I went to see Australia yesterday and have somewhat mixed feelings about it. On the one hand I totally loved it and will probably rent it and then buy it and then watch it every so often for the rest of my life.

Anyone who's ever read anything by Aaron Fletcher (particularly his first book, Outback) should see this movie. It's the only visual depiction of that lifestyle that I've ever seen and let me tell you: the cinematography was amazing. The scenery was absolutely stunning.

Especially moving was the juxtaposition of these sweeping shots of scenery against the song Somewhere Over The Rainbow, something that becomes important over the course of the movie.

Also, let's be honest, it doesn't hurt when your two leads look like Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. They are both very easy to look at and they can both act pretty well (if overly so at times).

The things I didn't like about the movie were small but distracting. For instance, at the beginning the two leads were such archetypes that I thought to myself that they might as well refer to one another as Han and Leia. She's an uppity ice queen. He's a rough and handsome pleb. She needs his help. He hates her guts but finds her strangely attractive. She proves her grit to him. He shows her that he cleans up well and owns a tux.

But. Then the story redeems itself by taking these two archetypes and showing us their actual relationship after what should have been the final scene. And it's worth it to watch.

Also, I didn't care for Baz Luhrmann's tendency to make his villains so mustache-twirlingly two dimensional. Other than that and the relative ease I had in predicting most of what happened it was good. If you're looking for a fun but not quick (it's a three-hour investment), escape to the Outback look no further.

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Joan said...

Great review of the movie, Kate!