Friday, December 05, 2008

Dead Leaves On Your Head

This is a beauty salon in Elizabeth, NJ that I pass almost daily. You might have to enlarge the picture (by clicking on it) to really see, but I felt the need to point out that the pretty lady looking at you from right beside the word "Lucy" on the awning is wearing, for hair, DEAD. LEAVES.

Feel free to make your own assumptions about the quality of this establishment. I know I've made mine. My one question is this: who made this incredible decision? The owner? The manager? The marketing person? I am (to use an MP phrase) utterly baffled.


Brian said...

What a non inviting place...Looks like a numbers joint, not a hair salon. The decision to have that sign just leafs me speechless!!!
In this case LUCY does have some splainin to do!!!

Brian said...

Oh and for the record here... it is Lucy 2. Does that mean this is a second try or does it mean it really is the second success of this marketing non genius?

Da Old Man said...

Maybe they were going for a 60's shabby chic thing?

And just skimped on the chic part?

Joan said...

Men are so funny - you are just all jealous that women can set a new fashion statement with their hair.

mp said...

Well isn’t that fall and festive. They should do holly and pine boughs for the holiday season. Maybe some lights, too, hanging from her ears. The twinkley kind.