Tuesday, January 06, 2009

For The Love Of Fashion Twofer

I know Kate Hudson (and maybe some other people) THINKS this is a cool dress, but might I humbly submit to one and all that it's a bit too much for my eyes.

The belt is one thing. The hip ruffle is something else. And the mermaid swish at the bottom is something even more. One, even two out of the three would be okay but all of them? With that fabric?

It looks like something Prince might want to use as a neckerchief. Other than that, no. I'm afraid not. Kate Hudson, go to your room.


Joan said...

Kate probably thinks the same thing you do, Kate! She most likely died when the promoters told her to wear this! I wonder if it's in the movie?

Joy said...

That really hurts my eyes.

Kate said...

THANK you. It's too much. And I'm not sure, Joan, I don't think Kate wears anything she doesn't want to wear.