Thursday, January 01, 2009

Highlights of 2008

- Being able to celebrate Katherine's fourth birthday with her
- Seeing Ani Di Franco in Atlantic City with the Beast

- Getting to meet Omar from the Wire
- Finding out I'm a superhero
- Getting through the great appendicitis debacle

- Getting to go home for Grandma's 80th birthday

- Getting to see Philip Roth, LIVE, in New York City after having lunch and then Hasty Pudding at the Harvard Club

- Celebrating our anniversary by visiting our old haunts
- Getting to watch Katherine in her dance recital and then being forced to sit in a car-seat because the car had too many clowns in it

- Labor Day Weekend party at mp's

- Spending time down the shore with the Beast and family

- Getting to hang out with my Swiss friend Isabelle after ten years of not seeing each other
- Vacation in Corning, NY with the Beast
- Seeing Speed the Plow (before Jeremy Piven bolted) with Woody & Alexandra and the Beast

- Upgrading to a bigger tree (finally)
- November 4th, 2008

- Making my own tree skirt
- Finding out there's a Woodling
- Finally upgrading to a DVR (with the help of Tivo)
- Christmas in North Carolina

Overall, I'd say it was a pretty darn good year. Hopefully 2009 will be just as good for me and all of you.

Happy New Year!


mp said...

Awwwww! Very nice! It was a great year! I hope to see lots of you in 2009!

Joy said...

Love it!

Kate said...

I just realized I left off the list winning BVL! Ack!

Joan said...

BVL will begin again soon, I hope, insome way. I love your summary of the year - all positive upbeat ones.