Monday, January 26, 2009

The Sag Awards - A Mini Slam!

The last couple of pics have been from the SAG awards and there seem to be enough to do a mini-slam, or at least a slam of the bad/funny ones, so here we go:

Bonjour, plebs. Your ice-queen and her consort have arrived. You may gaze upon us, but please do not touch. We are unTOUCHable! Keep back or I will freeze you with a single look. Don't believe me? Get a load of Brad's mug. He's had that look on his face for WEEKS now.

Stay back or my collar bones will cut you!

Don't stop me! I'm on the Nick Nolte superhighway and I won't be slowed down! Stopped. Whatever!

Ha-ha! What do you mean, when am I due? I'm not pregnant! Do I look pregnant? Oh my God, I knew this dress was a bad idea! How bad is it? Three months? Four? Dammit!

Lisa Rinna or Raquel Welch? Which do you think is more likely to offer the world a glimpse of her naughty bits? YOU decide!

A cautionary tale: why you shouldn't let your teenage neighbors TP you before an awards show. It's not edgy. It's effed up.

Mickey Rourke. High on life? Or high on something else? Hard to tell.

Ladies Looking Awesome:

Laura Linney, looking awesome.

Anne Hathaway, looking awesome (sidenote: whenever I think of Anne Hathaway I think of Jane Hathaway, the dowdy secretary from the Beverly Hillbillies. Good times.)

Evan Rachel Wood, looking awesome (eat your heard out, Marilyn Manson).

Holly Hunter, looking awesome.


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Oh. My. Funny!

Joan said...

Another great job, Kate!