Monday, February 09, 2009

Another Mini-Slam: The BAFTAs

I don't know when Amy Adams started going through Kate Winslet's trash, but she should probably stop. Or, at least stop wearing the same thing BETTER than Kate did. One or the other.

Kate Winslet in almost the exact same dress as the last time we saw her. I'm not usually a huge fan of black but this is so much better than the blue that I'm willing to overlook it.

Does anyone else see the big scary clown pinned to the front of Hermione Granger's dress? You do? Okay, good. Let's all just back away slowly. I don't think it noticed us. Yet.

Emily Mortimer, you saucy minx, you! I KNOW you don't think this is pretty. I know it! Come on, fill me in. What's the joke? Please, please tell me that there's a reason for this travesty of fabric stitched together. I will NOT call it a dress, okay? Dresses are nice. This is not.

Marisa Tomei continues her walk through the 08-09 award season looking totally smokin'. Well played, Mar. Well played.


mp said...

I would love to appreciate Marisa's dress but I am still cowering from the clown.

Kate said...

THANK you, mp! That was a freaking scary clown, right? What was she thinking?

Joan said...

The clown - wow - poor Hermione - perhaps she's still caught up in fantasy??