Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kill Me Now

So, I'm at this big-deal political shin-dig this afternoon, mixing and mingling with elected officials, hopefuls, toadies and other hangers-on, and trying my damnedest to fit in. Whenever I'm networking and nervous I always feel like my hands have nothing to do. My impulse is always to reach for something to eat or drink, but there's this unwritten rule that you should never eat or drink at a networking event because you need your hands free to shake other hands and give/take business cards.

I was going to throw caution to the wind, though. The mini-cream puffs looked great and I was nervous and I needed the sugar. Always trying to a lady, though, rather than stuffing the whole mini-cream puff into my mouth I took a bite.

Which of COURSE caused the entire contents of the puff to spurt out all over the front of my Calvin Freaking Klein navy pinstripe suit.


With grace, I think, I got myself to the ladies room, got rid of the mess and got back to the party. Miraculously, the cream came right up and didn't even stain. I was shocked and delighted.

Only now, in retrospect, do I think how appropriate a stain like that is at a political event. Hee.


mp said...

Uh! That so sucks! I'm glad it came out and I'm sure you were graceful!

Joan said...

I agree with MP - so glad the suit is okay. Good cover-up! I wish I had seen it happen though. Chuckle..

Joy said...