Thursday, March 19, 2009


Okay, yes, fine it's really sad that Natasha Richardson died.


Lots of people die. Every single day. People in China, Tibet, Darfur and Columbia (just to name a few). Hell, babies in China are killed all the time just because they're girls.

And, not to be a bitch, but she was killed due to an accident that occurred while she participated in a sport that pretty much only wealthy people can take part in. She lived a really damn good life. Rich, famous the whole shebang.

So. Sad? Yeah, I'll definitely give you that. It really, really sucks to be Liam Neeson and their kids right now.

But tragic?

I'm not completely, positively, and absolutely sure.


Joan said...

That's harsh. All young deaths are tragic. but to fall that hard on the bunny slope??? And to die for it?? Not right. That should not happen to anyone - rich or not.

Joy said...

Joan is right -- all young deaths are tragic. But every time I see this on the news I also think how unjust this world is that tragedies like this get all the attention, when preventable tragedies -- like the shameless killing of girl babies -- might be prevented if it were getting more attention.

mp said...

I'm completely, positively, and absolutely sure that this was tragic.