Friday, March 06, 2009

Rush Sucks: An Addendum

This was supposedly written by Alec Baldwin. I have no idea if that's true as it was a forward (from the Beast, but still a forward), but author confirmed or unverified I have to wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment so I'll reprint it here:

I am an actor and someone employed in the entertainment business. I have my own opinions about how this government should be run and how disgracefully it has been run by both parties. I want to give it as hard as I can to those who willingly seek political roles and disgrace their office and, conversely, commend those who, in my opinion, behave commendably. I express those opinions un-self-consciously while never believing for one minute that they will influence anyone or anything. I do it as an American. For me, it's an American thing.

I am not the head of my Party.

Rush Limbaugh is an uneducated, marginally talented, overbearing, recovering drug addict who was, at least according to Wikipedia, ineligible for the draft because he had cysts on his ass.

I have dear friends of mine who represent real Republicans. Goldwater Republicans. Strong on defense. Tough on immigration. Fiscal conservatives. Not the bullshit Reagan wing of the party which, along with Clinton killing Glass-Stiegel, brought us to where we are today.

My friends who are these real Republicans (not hypocritical evangelicals who are too lazy to raise their own children properly so, therefore, insist that all public institutions and policies bend to their will to make that job easier) do not listen to Limbaugh. They don't care what he says. They think he is an amusing entertainer. Like most progressives I know are well aware how hit-and-miss Michael Moore can be and, ultimately view him as an entertainer and don't give a damn what he says.

Until Limbaugh gets real, weans himself off the big salary and runs for office, he will always be nothing more than a poorly educated, marginally talented buffoon who has developed a real talent for manipulating the G-spot of the neocon consciousness and massaging the hate gland of so many economically displaced white voters in America.

I hope to God the GOP gets its act together soon and finds a real leader for their Party. Rush Limbaugh as the spokesperson for the GOP? 2010, I can't wait.

Well said.


Da Old Man said...

Rush reminds me of a radio guy from years ago (He may still be around) Bob Grant.
Bob was a dyed in the wool uber Conservative Republican. As the political climate shifted, sometime in the early 80's or so, he became a slightly left leaning liberal. Another shift, and guess who was Mr. Republican again?
These guys, Grant, Rush, Moore, and anyone else anyone can name are entertainers. Period. It is fine to listen to thewm, but to give them any respect as political leaders--meh.
Great post, BTW.

Kate said...

Thanks. Very well said, Crotchety.

Joan said...

Well said Da Old Man and great forward on the post, Kate. Perhaps the media should put these like Limbaugh in their entertainment section rather than the news. It would be more appropriate.