Monday, March 02, 2009

Steele Cage Match

Good for RNC Chairman Michael Steele for calling a spade a spade and pointing out that Rush Limbaugh is and has been for years "incendiary" and "ugly". (I have to disagree with his allegation that Rush is "entertaining".)

AND, screw Limbaugh for ONLY wanting Obama to fail. Screw him for not caring about the people who are losing their jobs, houses, retirements and college funds.

"Fail" is what has happened for the last 8 years. Obama has had how many DAYS in office? 30-ish? Compared to 8 years of utter bullshit?

Bitch, please.


savvy said...

That's what I'm talking about, loved your "bitch please" - LOL did you realize how funny it was that in a piece about Limbaugh and Steele you used the saying calling a spade a spade - what that unintentionally hilarious or just brilliant!

Kate said...

brilliant, of course. :-)

Joan said...

I do hate that man! Of course Kate is brilliant!