Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ocean Grove

It seems like the last four weeks have had something or other going on every weekend. This weekend I went to Ocean Grove, NJ with my Senior Youth Group. We had a really good time. I'm sunburned and exhausted and so full of ice cream, though, that all you get are these two pictures no funny anecdotes. Maybe next time.

Ocean Grove rocks at dusk

Me on the Ocean Grove rocks at dusk

Next weekend the Beast and I are heading to Panther Valley for our five year anniversary. (How can it possibly be five years already?) In any event, the Inn at Panther Valley is where we got married and we're going to back to visit the scene of the crime. Should be fun.



Lindsay said...

Its really been Five Years holy crap! lol i remember when you got married!

<3 Congrats!

mp said...

Happy Almost Anniversary!

Joy said...

Wow. Five years. Jeez.

Love the pics! Have a blast next weekend!