Monday, June 15, 2009

I hate to do this...

But when Heidi Montag says that Al Roker is a menace to women, I have GOT to find out why. And now you can to. After this interview Speidi called another d-bag, Ryan Seacrest, and complained on his radio show about their treatment at the wicked hands of Mr. Roker.

I think Al was sort of like, "Christ, they're gonna make me plug this crap show by interviewing the Stupid Twins? Fine, I'll make it an interview they'll remember at least."


In case you're a glutton for punishment, here's what they had to say to TMZ:

Heidi: Al "was incredibly rude and was verbally assaulting me... I would warn any people, especially women, who are going on the show to watch out for him."

Spencer: "I never in my wildest dreams thought a weatherman would treat us like we just rigged the Iranian election."

I guess we should just be happy that at least one of them knows there was an election in a country called Iran.


Joan said...

I had never heard of these two and this clip just reinforced my opinion that reality shows are just not worth watching.

mp said...

I puffy heart Al. He rocks.

Kate said...

Al does rock. Ironically, before this incident I had never given Al Roker a second thought. Now, I think he should have his own show where he interviews people like Lindsay Lohan and says, "Are you proud of your behavior?" I'd totally watch.

Becky said...

Bullshit. Roker was completely out of line. You don't EVER treat a guest on your show with such disrespect. He showed a complete lack of professionalism and class, and needs to be reminded that people he interviews are called "guests" for a reason. The only thing he proved by doing this interview is that he needs to stick to discussing the weather.