Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear Christina Ricci,

Have a sandwich.



Jilliebeanie said...

Good grief! Poor hunny!

Have a sandwich? Have 5.

And maybe pick a different dress next time. Yikes.

mp said...

With extra mayo, Fritos and a cookie!

Joan said...

Her "waist" does not match her legs at all! No - kidding - have a large cheesecake with whipped cream!

Kate said...

You guys cracked me up! We should create a menu and send it to her!

Breakfast - eggs and bacon and sausage.

Lunch - Pizza and coke.

Dinner - Cheeseburgers (yes, plural) and fries with a milkshake to finish.

Midnight snack - cake.

This is a fun game!

Joan said...

I'm getting hungry!

savvy said...

Hey now, lay off my girl!