Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It's all happening...

Feeling 100% better, thank God. The doc said I had an inflamed stomach, which is not quite an ulcer but close. It was probably brought on by stress, which is bad. I need to better manage my stressy feelings, apparently.

The up-side: I lost six pounds and have completely weaned myself off coffee (something I though would never happen). I now drink a lot of tea. Also, I'm not supposed to have dairy until 9/21, which I'm going to try to stick to, even though it's unbelievably hard. Dairy usually comprises 75% of my diet and having none is a little bit awful but I'm working through it.

Also, the sellers got back to us with our home inspection requests and they're pretty much doing everything we asked except for some very minor repairs.

The closing is still set for Sept. 25 (just 3 days after my b'day - what a great present, huh?) and I'm feeling really good about things.

It's all happening...I'm day-dreaming about curtains and table runners, bedspreads and sheets, ottomans and framed art...fingers crossed the bubble doesn't burst. If all goes well we move Saturday, September 26th. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, Squeeeeeee!


mp said...

So happy to hear all of this!

Joan said...

Thank heaven for the house news!! I'm happy for you. so glad to hear the stomach is better and glad it isn't an ulcer...yet. You can eat eggs you know - the non-dairy food.

Joy said...

You SO deserve all this goodness Kate!