Monday, October 05, 2009


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"Exotic pet" tragedy in PA by Scott Bowen

Over the weekend in my home state, a woman who probably had very good intentions died under the claws of her “pet” black bear. A neighbor shot the bear to end the attack. Click here to read more.

Call me cold-hearted but I do not believe that this was a tragedy. This was evolution.

Anyone stupid enough to keep black bears in cages as pets deserves to be eaten alive by them. Not only is it cruel to keep a naturally wild animal in a cage of any kind, but it's preposterous to think that at a certain point the animal won't rebel against these unnatural conditions.

Just sayin'.


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Joy said...

I completely agree with you Kate. I wonder why she thought they needed to be caged?

Joan said...

I have no soft spot for her either. I do feel badly for the bear who died for being himself.