Monday, November 30, 2009

What The Frock?

First, I can't tell you how long I've been waiting to use that blog title.

Second, since I'm sick in bed and miserable, I'm going to spread the misery around (it loves company after all) and dump a little on Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson.

These two gowns, worn at the AMAs a while back, are each profoundly hideous in their own way. Kidman has been starving herself for so long that I am shocked (SHOCKED!) that she found a dress this unflattering. AND, I'm further shocked (SHOCKED!) that after looking herself over in a mirror she didn't rip it off her body and demand something slimming and in black.

I'm not hounding her for being heavy, you guys, but I firmly believe that there's a flattering dress for every figure. This dress should be burned or turned back into curtains.

Hudson on the other hand, seems to be rubbing Kidman's nose in the fact that there's so little of her that the dress she's wearing is practically falling off her little body. There is LITERALLY nothing there to keep it up. That being said, the waistline is so unflattering that it actually makes Hudson look a little hefty herself.

For the love of fashion, I give this showing two thumbs down.


Jilliebeanie said...

OH NO! I love both of these starlets SO much but this is terrible, just terrible.

WHY, Ladies!? WHY!?

P.S. Blog title is awesome.

Joan said...

Yeah - great blog title! OH - poor Kate - why would she want to emphasize her "nothingness" ????
Nicole didn't even try.