Friday, January 01, 2010

A Year In Review - 2009

~New Year's Eve with Sal & Anita at Table 8.

~Rediscovering the culinary delights of 'wichcraft in NYC with Woody, Alexandra, and the Woodling before seeing The Third Story starring the startlingly aged Kathleen Turner who was in a knee brace and on a cane throughout the performance. Crazy Kathleen.

~Old nanny friend Vickie was here from England for Easter.

~We adopted street-wise hell-raiser kitty Fiona (which rocked Trixie and Ari's world).

~Spent some time in MN with family (shopping, eating, singing!).

~Seeing Coraline the musical (starring this woman as Coraline!) with Woody, Alexandra and the Woodling.

~Getting to meet Philip (freaking!) Roth.

~Spending time at Ocean Grove, NJ with my senior youth group.

~Celebrating our five-year wedding anniversary at The Inn At Panther Valley, the place where we got married.

~Party for Woody and Alexandra in NYC followed by the birth of Woodling (aka Spencer!).

~Getting to meet week-old Spencer Eyre Wood!

~Hanging with the Barcelona's and meeting Emily Grace, their newest addition.

~Going back to Villanova for another week with my Institute buddies.

~Bidding on a house for the first time ever and getting it!

~Going down the shore to visit with family.

~Closing on our first home together.


~Housewarming for friends and family (including the Eyre Wood Family!).

~Cooking a full-on Thanksgiving Dinner for the first time ever and doing it in the new house.

~Incorporating Quilts by Kate into a full-on business that pays taxes and everything.

~North Carolina for Christmas.

~First New Year's Eve in the New House with the Trydes and the Whangs.


mp said...

Happy New Year! Hope this year is even better than last for you guys!

Joan said...

A great year, that's for sure. it must have been exciting to spend the holidays in your first home!

Joy said...

Very nice re-cap!