Thursday, February 11, 2010


Behold, lovies, one Ms. Debbie Gibson, the girl I so wanted to be when I grew up. Couldn't tell it was her could you? Me, either. Methinks girlfriend needs to join Kate Bosworth and Christina Ricci in the Have A Sandwich Club (aka Have a Club Sandwich - Bwah! I slay myself...).

In case you didn't know, this is what Debbie looked like a year ago:
So cute, right? So fresh and pretty and colorful and perHAPS in need of a bra but still, so very adorable. Now? Not so much.

Debbie, or, if you insist, DEBORAH, please, please go eat something because this look is so completely not working for you. For reals. Cross my heart. True story.


Kristen said...

Why is it when your legs look good, of you... DOESN'T. Bleah.

mp said...

I remember meeting her and her sister, Denise, when she was doing a concert at SPAC. They were such normal girls to hang out with. Now she really is completely unrecognizable. So tragic.