Friday, May 21, 2010

The Big Dinner

Tuesday was the big night and boy was it fun.

Here's my mom and I before things really got going

Mom, Me and Grandma

Mom & Grandma

The three of us again

The Beast and I

The podium was a little too tall for me, so I had to stand on tip toe while making my acceptance speech. While giving the speech I was secretly hoping that someone would get a pic of my feet because I knew they had to be really funny. No surprise, they definitely were.

The morning after, realizing that my shoes perfectly matched my award - now that's a bonus.

And on Thursday I got these:
Twelve green carnations with baby's breath. A very thoughtful and beautiful gesture. Thank you Rose, Mike & Lucille!!


Joy said...

Lovely! Everything looks so perfect! And you so deserve this honor!

Joan said...

How nice that your family could all be there for your honor! That makes it extra special - and I agree with Joy, you deserve it.

mp said...

So nice! Congrats again!