Monday, May 10, 2010

Sneak Peak

As some of you might now, I'm being honored next Tuesday night by the Irish Business Association of New Jersey. I'm being named their Woman of the Year.

I know.

When I found out about this honor back in, like November, my first thoughts were of course wardrobe. What to wear and most important of all, what shoes?

I've pretty much come up with an outfit that will work (it's the dress I wore to my graduation from Institute two summers ago) and after much internet searching, I finally found the perfect pair of shoes.

Get ready.

Pine green. Satin. Open toe. Varying degrees of green stones. Sigh.

And now I can start writing my thank you speech...


Joan said...

Congratulations! what an honor! I am proud to know you, woman of the year!
Love the shoes

Joy said...

You totally ARE woman of the year! The shoes are smokin'! And you rock for being able to fit into a dress you wore two years ago:)