Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Back Down to Earth

The dinner is long over and I'm back on solid ground. In fact, things haven't slowed down at all, and I have to be on solid ground or else I trip and fall over.

The weekend after the dinner, I went to Ocean Grove with my youth group. We had three adults and 11 youth - yikes, right? It was actually a really good time.

Here's me on the boardwalk, the ocean behind me:

The homes at the shore are almost always beautiful - Victorian cottages with curlicue decorations and wonderful gardens. This house in particular caught my eye as we walked home from the beach one evening:

Imagine going to the trouble of hand-lettering a poem or saying on your front steps.

The weekend after the trip down the shore, I took a half day and headed north, up to Joy's.

Here's our traditional "beginning of the night" picture
...weird that we almost never remember an "end of the night" picture...

Jay's Bar had THESE on tables advertising karaoke; guess this means it really is KateFest.

And here's Becky. Not really sure what she's doing here. I'm sure she'll be pleased to know that this is now set as her caller id on my phone, though.
Love ya, Bex!

Ashley was rockin' the cleavage all night until I finally had to say something. Actually, I teased her about her cleavage all night until SHE finally had to say something.

Here she is paying me back for having an opinion.

The shots of me up on stage didn't really turn out so you don't get those, but the rest of the weekend was fantastic.

On Saturday we hung around the house, on Sunday we went to a barbecue at Jim and Ellen's, on Monday I had my second voice lesson and had a blast doing it. Turns out I'm a soprano and very good one. I never would have guessed since I do all my karaoke singing in the "chest register" as opposed to the "head register", but she got me all the way up to a high C. Go freaking figure.

After the voice lesson I played nine holes with a couple of friends. It was my first time out on the course this season and we had an awesome time.

Next weekend I'm takin' my husband of six years (as of Saturday, June 5th) to Baltimore to see the Red Sox crush the Oriels. Watch for pictures. Of the trip, not the crushing.

Until then!


Joy said...

Excellent re-cap! Fun weekend!

mp said...

I can't believe you are on the flyer. You are out of control!

Joan said...

Good times!