Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Baltimore, MD -- Part One -- Geppi's

We rolled into Baltimore around 11 am on the fourth and immediately started seeing the sites. First stop: Geppi's Entertainment Museum, a modest space carved out of the building in which the Sports Legends Museum is housed.

The highlights:

An original Woodstock poster!

You guys, I freaking HAVE this thing. Mom, if you can please ransack the basement and find Wicket for me, I'll be eBaying him directly.

Huge, wall poster for a little movie you might have heard of.

The Princess Diana Paper Doll, which I'm pretty sure my cousin, Jennie, had way back when. Also, I'm pretty sure I spent waaaaaaaay too much time trying to decide which of her paper gowns was the prettiest.

Okay, this is a little weird. This is a Barbie Lucy doll, which...makes my head hurt. Barbie is supposed to be graceful and beautiful, with perfect hair and make up. This Barbie as Lucy is maniacal at best. Also, it looks like she's getting ready for her annual pap and pelvic exam.

The Beast and Supes.

The Beast & The Bat

Kate and Groucho - you guys it's the original TV Guide with Groucho Marx! Sorry, was that too much geek? I'll dial it back a notch.

I didn't recognize this character, but it made me laugh out loud to see her tag line, "Honey West, TV Private Eye-Full". Who thought this stuff up?

Flintstone figures in which Betty and Wilma are completely interchangeable, the only difference being the different colors their dresses and hair are painted.

An original piece of art doodled on by all these famous artists and then signed - see finger-shaped object at bottom obscuring the signatures.

Atari! Enough said.

Don't remember this guy but his name is so quintessentially American Hero-sounding. He is clearly Brock Samson's great-grandfather.

An actual piece of the Berlin Wall.

The 25th Anniversary Care Bear. I totally had one of these and I know my cousin Jennie did too...in fact, she had the awesome spin-off animals, too. Man was I jealous.

Finally, we had seen all there was to see of the pop-culture mecca of the East Coast and checked into our room at the Hilton. I had requested that our room face the stadium and lo and behold:

It did. This is the view from our room. Not freaking bad.

Next up - the National Aquarium! I know you can't wait to see all the fish and snakes and lizards and sharks, right? Right? Yeah, yeah, looking at someone else's vacation pics isn't always fun but at least you're not sitting through slides. Be grateful.


savvy said...

Great Trip, awesome gift, thanks Honey!

C said...

The store looks great. Have fun with the fishes, i love that place.


Joan said...

You guys do awesome stuff! What a greaqt trip you had. Love the Lucy doll - really bizarre looking.
Superhero pics are great memories.

Joy said...

Looks like that museum was right up ya'lls alley!