Monday, June 28, 2010

The Great Trade

My quilter ladies and I put together an event this past weekend called The Great Trade, whcih was basically a clothing swap. How it worked was you brought in anything you were done with and $25 and then you got a bag and you could fill it with whatever you could.

Here is a sample of our awesome bags:

Of course, I couldn't fit everything I found into just that little baby bag, so I helped myself to a brown paper and put my name on it so everyone would know it's MINE. :-)

Here are the tables that were put together:



Bottoms - there were three full tables of bottoms by the time set-up was done. Lots of people were outgrowing pants this year, I guess.

Some outside gear, mainly sweaters.


And of course there were some crazy things donated like this star-spangled vest:

My wonderful co-chair, Carol, modeling it and really doing it justice. If only she hadn't taken it for a friend; I was going to use it for my tap-dancing routine...

In between waves of customers, the domestic arts thrived.

On Sunday we had more shoppers - this woman took home three bags worth of stuff!

Shoe shopping!

Digging through what's left just before we packed it all up and took it to the Human Needs Food Pantry.

And now, because I know you're dying to know what was in my two plus bags of stuff, I'll show.

Cute little leather bag.

Light, summery scarves, one of which I'm wearing today.

Four words: pink and orange suede.

They're a little slouchy but they fit perfectly!

And this is just a sampling. Next year will be even better because we're going to do it in late April when people are really cleaning out their closets. Can't even wait!


Joan said...

What a great idea! And how nice that the leftovers are donated to the needy. Who benefits from the $25?

Joy said...

How cool!

Jilliebeanie said...

SO glad this went well! Looks like you scored some great items!