Monday, August 23, 2010

Creative Arts Emmy Slam 2010

Yikes it's that time again, huh? Pre-season started last night with the Creative Arts Emmys (aka the Schmemmys) and though the Interwebs are stupid and unaccommodating with photos, I did manage to scrounge up a few. There are no categories, mainly because all but one or two would fall into the Yikes or Eh box.

First, Lily Tomlin!
You guys, it's been so long since I've seen Lily Tomlin that I had actually forgotten that she existed. And unfortunately, her dress is making me want to continue to forget. I'm all for a dress with pockets, but seriously, Lil, couldn't you have found one that was in any other way interesting? A neckline short of your collar bones, three-quarter sleeves, SOMEthing. You're killing me. Also? Make up is a friend. Invite her over and have some coffee or something. Get her to do something with your naked, naked face.

Chloe Sevigny, not looking as batshit crazy as usual, though the dress is not one that I ever would have chosen. The skirt seems to be draped funny and the bodice looks slightly misshapen, as if she had it in the dry-cleaner bag on the back seat and someone accidentally sat on it. I am indifferent to her hair, though it's seriously way too plain for an event like this. What I really am most blah about is her necklace. I'd be okay if it were a choker but you can't wear a sparkly dress with a pendant that is overshadowed by the string it's on.

Kristin Chenowith and Kathy Griffin, kissing and waving. What struck me about these ladies is that Kathy is starting to look dangerously thin and Kristin is starting to look like she's enjoying the restaurants in NYC a bit too much. Now, seriously, don't judge me, but I've read (listened to) both of their autobiographies (I said don't judge!) and I know they've both struggled with weight and body issues so I'm not trying to give them even more to go crazy about (because, obviously they both read this site) I'm just noticing. In terms of dress, I'm loving Kristin's royal blue mini dress with the spangly appliques (even though the ones around her waist are accentuating the negative not the positive). I'm don't love Kathy's pastel patterned dress with a ribbon sash (how old are you again? I think the last time I wore a ribbon sash was fourth grade). It's just not doing anything for me. I do like her lighter hair color, though. Much less brash and brassy than in previous years.

And speaking of brash and brassy, howdy Christina Hendricks! I pretty much from head to toe love this look on her. The dress fits perfectly and it's slightly mussed look works. I really just wish it had been in a color. Black is okay but it's very safe and although it sets off her alabaster skin as if it were ivory itself, I feel like she could have achieved the effect by wearing navy or emerald green or even dark red. I do, however, ADORE her hair. Well done!!

Jane Lynch. Okay, here we go. I love this. It fits her perfectly, the slightly off-the-shoulder look is a great way to make her look more delicate than she is and the color is awesome. Best in show! A first for Ms. Lynch!

Next week I'll be away but hopefully the Internet at my parents' house will allow for at least a cursory look at the real Emmys.

Until then, Possums, remember: color, cut and coutour make all the difference.


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Joan said...

I think they are all ugly and unflattering, except Kristen's. Is there a competition to see who can find the most ridiculous dress?