Monday, August 16, 2010

Department Stores Suck

I normally hate shopping in department stores. The lines are too long, service is lean and if all goes well and you actually get to buy something you then have to schlepp it home. I know. I never thought I'd be complaining about shopping, either, but there you go.

I recently had some time to kill and decided to kill it in the shoe department of Macy's. Traditionally, Macy's has been okay, but in the last five to ten years I really believe that things have started to slide, especially in the service arena.

For instance, I saw these beauties and really wanted to try on a pair in my size (only $24.99!). Alas, there were NO sales people around to assist me. Granted they were having a huge sale and the place was mobbed, but when I worked retail we had extra staff on hand during sales because, hello, that's when it gets busy (it's not rocket surgery!).

So, fine. I left them behind and went to do my thing. Later, after the lunch rush, I decided to try again. It was less busy at that point and actually got a sales person to help me. He was so helpful. He was able to tell me by scanning the bottom of the shoe that there were no more left in my size.

So. Helpful.

So I grabbed my second favorite pair from the table, almost the same thing but in silver, and handed them over. He scanned them, assured me that they had my size in stock and proceeded to look for them. And he looked, and looked, and looked. Unfortunately, he never actually found them.

So. Helpful.

Which just proves my point. God bless the Interwebs and the abundant shopping found online (not that I was able to track my babies down).

Department stores really need to step up their game, but good. I'm tired of begging people of make time to ring up my purchases. I'm tired of searching in vain for a little help finding a different size. I'm tired of department stores thinking they're the only game in town.

You're not. The only game. In town.



Jilliebeanie said...

You tell 'em, girl!

Kate said...

I knew if anyone would feel my pain it'd be you, Jill. :-)

Joy said...

All hail!