Monday, September 20, 2010

What The Frock?

Dear Gwen Stefani,

I have so much to say. First, I know that you know that I love you. When all those other poptarts hit the charts you didn't give in to pressure, you kept rocking hard. Kudos. Also, I have often applauded your courageous fashion choices. You've never been one to color inside the lines and I'm happy that you bend conventions and try new things. You're a leader.

But. Honey...this is just bad. I mean, it's not even as if it's got good bones and just really bad skin. The shape is awful and the fabric is even worse. I expected better of you than a rorschach mess with leggings and some Payless sandals.

I want to say more but I'm too disappointed. Go to your room. We'll talk in the morning.


1 comment:

Joan said...

YOu are so funny and so right! I'm sure Gwen will do better the next time - just for you.