Friday, October 15, 2010

3rd Annual Trip to Corning, NY

We only took two pics of ourselves, one at the beginning of the trip, and one at the end. Here we are at the beginning, in our favorite Corning haunt, Market Place Brewing Company. If you ever are lucky enough to stop in, I highly recommend the Blackberry Lager and the pulled-pork sandwich.

Market Place Brewing Co.

At the antique store right next door to MPBC, I discovered my childhood, neatly displayed on a table.
Old Sparky
We declined to sit.

After dinner that first night I had dessert, a carameltini. YUM.

Can someone tell me what kind of bushes these are? Because they're gorgeous and I want some for my front yard...

At the Corning Glass Museum you can see all kinds of artwork made from glass.

Here are a few which caught our fancy.

A Crystal Baseball Bat.

Glass chairs

Chess set

The hills, slowly turning orange like one big ripening pumpkin.

Lake Senaca and the wine trail!

While on the trail, we stopped at the Stonecat Cafe for lunch and discovered that this gem grows most of it's produce or gets it from other local farmers. How cool?

We also discovered that the Stonecat is a favorite of Brian Johnson's. You know, the guy in that band, AC/DC. Yeah, that Brian Johnson.

More scenery

We didn't stop into the Rockwell Museum this trip but I just love this buffalo busting out of the wall.

One last walk around town.

I swear the hills are more orange than at the start of the trip...

Drippy clock.

About ready to head home...

And that's it. We had a really great trip and can't wait to go back. Until next year, Corning!


Joan said...

What a wonderful trip! The colors area a bit late this year, but you captured them nicely.

Joy said...

Awesome! Looks like a great time:)

And that was my childhood neatly displayed on the table too. God, I loved that wicker furniture.

Unknown said...

The bushes are called Burning Bushes (for obvious reasons.)Bassia scoparia. I had one when I lived in Cleveland.

Kate said...

Thanks, Sheri! That's a big help!

Brian said...

When you go to buy your burning bush please be aware that they come in two varietys one is dwarf and will stay in control and the other will grow as large as you allow it and if you dont prune it ... it WILL over take the area you plant it in... Just sayin

Kate said...

Thanks Brian! I appreciate the help!!