Saturday, October 16, 2010


Remember a while back when I ordered curtains? I put them up myself and I was so proud. It was quite the moment, to be honest. Well, there's another story to go with the "I hung them myself" story and this is that story.

I ordered two curtain rods from Target, one for each window. With me so far? Okay, good.

The first curtain rod arrived in this box:
About what you'd expect, right?

The second curtain rod arrived in this box:
Which I immediate declared was so ridiculously big that I could easily fit my entire person into it.

The Beast was skeptical.

I was determined.

Alas, time and energy and working late got in the way and I never did get a picture of me in the ginormous curtain rod box. I do, however, think we can all agree that I totally could have fit.


Joan said...

What? No explanation of why the second box was so enormous and obviously not curtain rod shaped???

Kate said...

No explanation at all. Because there is none. you can see the rod poking out of the box and you can see how small it is. Very weird.