Tuesday, October 05, 2010

For The Love of Fashion

Ron Weasley, are those pink underpants peaking out from around your uber-skinny tie? Everything else about this outfit I can pretty much get behind but for real, no one wants to see that. Also, there's this new thing out now called a brush and it's AWESOME.

J.K., honey, we've seen 'em. Time to put them AWAY.

Hermione, you're looking oddly sweet and angelic. Aside from knowing way too much about what your sternum looks like, that is. Please do me a favor and be less shrill in the last two flicks, okay? Many thanks.

Harry, my boy, tell me when exactly you turned into a fop. No, really, tell me. Because I feel like the process has been so gradual that I just don't know.

Also, I'll be in line opening weekend. No pressure. Just, you know, please don't suck.

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