Sunday, October 03, 2010

Trip to Washington

Went to Washington this past Thursday and Friday for work and actually had a little time for sight-seeing! That never happens!

First, the Washington Monument from all kinds of different angels:

It's sort of like our Eiffel Tower in that you can sort of glimpse bits of it from lots of different areas around town.

This was taken while standing at the base of it and pointing the camera straight up.

The Lincoln Memorial from the base of the Washington Monument.

These were taken from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

There was going to be a labor rally the next day, which is why it's covered in scaffolding.

The Lincoln Memorial from the side.

Me and Abe.


Gettysburg Address.

On the walk back to the hotel we passed this residence,
which looks like a really nice pile a bricks, I must say.

The kitchen garden.

The other side of the White House, with traffic.

Wicked cool Obama t-shirt.

Another pretty building.

The WWII Memorial.

Each state has a column.

The Capital

The Capital again, as seen from another angle.

Just a pretty building.

Definitely need to go back and keep sight-seeing. I love this town.

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Joan said...

Thanks for the tour! Looks wonderful.