Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Deathly Hallows Slam

Starting with the worst, as usual:
I would be totally okay with this if there weren't the SLIGHTEST hint that the buttons on that vest were pulling uncomfortably. It's not hard to find a suit that fits, especially with the resources that Rupert Grint now has at his disposal. Now, I adore Rupert Grint and I adore the effort he's made not to wear last night's Avenger's t-shirt, but this is not quite up to snuff.

Emma Watson looking rather ho-hum in a not-so-sleek Calvin Klein. Is it me or does this dress actually make tiny little Emma look a bit hippy? Below is a pic from the UK premiere which proves to all and sundry that girlfriend is SO not hippy. Also, it proves that she could have really done it up and instead chose to dress like witch who's in mourning and also about to go to sleep.

Check out them gams.

Shockingly, DanRad gets best in show. Gone are the frills and pretty-boy lace from previous years (read: days) and here we have a nice blue suit with a shirt that pops and a tie that looks totally normal. Well played, Potter.

And because no slam is complete without a little batshit crazy, I give you Helena Bonham-Carter, aka Bellatrix LeStrange, looking very strange indeed. I guess I should just be grateful that she didn't pair this tremendous frock with her lace-up granny boots.

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