Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mantle Of Giving

Each year, my little UU church in Montclair adopts the Newton Street School in Newark to make sure that the kids in grades Pre-K through 3 each have a present to open for Christmas (we call it the Mantle of Giving because each child writes down a few Christmas wishes and we put them up on the mantle at the back of the church for people to take).

This year, my Senior Youth Group are spearheading the operation and working hard to make sure each child gets at least one Christmas present. How awesome is that?

Also, it couldn't be easier to participate if you feel like a little do-goodery. Leave a comment that you're interested, I'll email you the names and wishes from a few children and if you shop at amazon, just ship them directly to me. The youth and I will keep track and make sure that your gift goes to your child.

The ones that break my heart are the little kids who don't even ask for toys, but instead request pants, shirts, socks and shoes. These are kids who might not otherwise get presents this year. Not that you have to go crazy and spend a ton. They're grateful for whatever you can give.

Okay, that's my PSA for today. If you decide that you want to help, the deadline for the gifts to be in-hand is Dec. 12th.

Happy holidays!

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