Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

I've been struggling lately with feelings of anger and annoyance and frustration and finally this morning I wrote a list of all the things I'm worried or mad or stressed about and it turned out to be quite lengthy. For posterity, and to hopefully release these things in a literal way, here's the list:

1.) Christmas Stress
I feel like I might actually NOT get it all done this year and that not only freaks me out but makes me feel resentful of myself for expecting myself to get it all done. (yeah, I know. psycho.)

2.) Friend's Double Mastectomy
She just got out of a seven hour surgery yesterday and she's doing really well, but I hate that she's going through this. I hate that we still have cancer. I hate that it seems like the pharma companies treat it as an industry rather than something to eradicate.

3.) Other friend's coming out to her parents, who didn't take it well.
If you're reading this you know who you are. I'm thinking of you and hoping that things get better for you. As they say, minds are like parachutes - they only work when they're open.

4.) Staff Attitudes
For some reason I've got a few staff issues going on at the moment - sicknesses and crabbiness and general bah-hum-buggery, which makes work a very un-fun place to be. Organizing the Secret Santa this year is gonna be SO. AWESOME.

5.) Computer problems
Enough said.

6.) Cold Everywhere
It is winter, yes, I know. But even in heated buildings I can't seem to warm up. My joints are stiff from shivering. As I type this I sit at my desk in my winter coat, a shall wrapped around my legs, wishing I could effectively operate a computer with gloves on.

7.) Sore shoulder
Not sure if this is because of the shivering or not, but I've got a sore shoulder that just won't go away.

8.) Website Stress
Our new website is going to go live soon and there always seem to be three more things that have to be fixed, which makes me feel like it's NEVER going to happen.

And to top it all off, I just found out that a long-time member of my book group, a really sweet old guy who had terribly arthritic fingers, died this morning.

Time to throw in the towel and pass the chocolate, I think. Or the booze. You pick.

With thanks to Sir Mitchell for the awesome reindeer art.


mp said...

It's the Christmas Crud... happens every year. Some years are definitely worse than others. Sounds like a bad one for you - I'm sorry. [hugs]

Kate said...

Thanks, mp. Btw, I love, love, love the pics you put up of the tenth anniversary. Fantastic. Joy said she got you my bags of goodies for the Adopt a Child project. Hope you did and that all is well. [hugs back]

Joy said...

That's quite a list! So hard to stay balanced this time of year. But, for the record, I think you rock.